Google Chairman Eric Schmidt considers Android a winner against iOS



In an interview to Bloomberg that’s published earlier in the day, Schmidt contrasted Android’s current battle with Apple’s iOS with that of Microsoft and Apple two decade back. He was vocal about winning the war with a clear margin.

Schimdt’s claim is tough to put down. The statistics and figures indeed put his firm in a strong position against anyone else in the smartphone market. According to a report from the research firm IDC during the third quarter, 75 percent of the global market had Android based phones shipped. Smartphones from Apple running on iOS accounted for 14.9 percent of the global market. During the same period last year, Android’s market share was 57.5 percent while Apple had a market share of 13.8 percent.

The way Schmidt compared Microsoft and Apple’s war back in 90’s is also considered appropriate. Since at that juncture, Microsoft allowed others t use it’s OS whilst Apple kept its OS only to themselves. A similar situation applies to the smartphone market. Android based devices can be seen from almost any and every smartphone manufacturer. On the contrary, only devices from Apple use the iOS.



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