„Delete sent messages” feature will come to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger will soon introduce a feature that lets you delete a message up to 10 minutes after it's already been sent. In fact, is was announced time ago, in April, but is now close to happen.

Plans for the "unsend" feature were found in the release notes for the newest Messenger app update made available to iOS users earlier this week. This time, the release notes say that the feature is "coming soon," but didn't give an exact date for when it would arrive on users' phones. The feature was being tested internally. The addition of the "unsend" feature on Facebook Messenger is in addition to the app's "secret conversations" feature, where users can have their messages expire after a set amount of time.


On top of the ability to delete a message on your end, you can also revoke its visibility to any recipient. It remains unclear, though, whether it's also coming to the Android version of the messaging app, but that's a possibility as well. There's no word also on whether it'll be available in the mobile and desktop versions of Messenger.The WhatsApp unsend feature allows users to delete a message up to one hour after it has been sent. Snapchat added a similar feature earlier this year as well.