Facebook is testing its own dating app


Now, Facebook is internally testing Facebook Dating. The company declined to go into further details. Presumably it shouldn’t differ too much from other dating apps such as Tinder, where users can browse profiles and match up with others who have liked them back. It’s known however the only people who will be able to see someone’s profile are those who have also enabled the feature. An user also be able to access exclusive Groups and Events if he / she opt-in to Facebook Dating.


Furthermore, the report explains that Facebook is planning to limit how many people someone can express interest in on the platform. This would ideally help reduce spam-like behavior where people express interest in everyone they come across. The service will be open to users who are 18 years or older, and will “abide by local laws on who is considered an adult.” And why testing it first internally ? „For now Facebook is taking careful steps toward Dating. It’s not blitzing into the market with a big flashy app. Instead it’s hoping the feature could create the meaningful relationships that make people appreciate Facebook and stick with it over the years. That’s more important than ever with all its recent troubles,” their answer is. No word about the time of public release.


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