Google Maps shows now your phone battery status too


Sharing your location with a friend via Google Maps from now will also share your battery status. If someone’s friends also know his / her battery is about to run out, they’ll be less worried if  he / she don’t answer. Presumably, this is to make sure you’re safe and doing OK. The feature is an opt-in service on the app, so your information isn’t shared unless you choose to give someone access. This new information makes it a lot harder to lie about your phone dying. Phone’s power level is shown in real time.


To use location sharing, tap the options menu in the app and select ‘Share location’. You can then pick one or more people from your list of contacts. You can also share your location using a messaging or social media app. The recipient will receive a link that they can open in Google Maps or a web browser. Location sharing was reintroduced to Google Maps last year after it killed off an earlier version of the feature known as Google Latitude. It is also useful for finding lost phones. Google Maps also added another new feature. On desktop browsers, Maps will now display a sphere when you zoom out far enough. Again, unless you believe the earth is flat, this small change means that representation will be more accurate because you can’t really lay out a sphere on a flat surface without some distortion.


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