Google makes „picture in picture” available for more users


Google announced it will now roll out gradually picture-in-picture viewing for the YouTube iOS and iPadOS app for all users in the U.S. Globally, picture-in-picture capability will work for anyone with a YouTube Premium subscription and any video when it will be available. Users in the US who don’t have YouTube Premium will also be able to take advantage of picture-in-picture, but only for what Google describes non-music content. So it is not simply listening to music in the background on their devices via a free YouTube account instead of subscribing to the company’s music offerings. Picture-in-picture was introduced to iPhones in iOS 14, which was released in 2020, but on the iPad it dates back to 2015’s iOS 9. But how picture in picrure works ?


User simply need to start playing a video, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or hit the home button on older iPhone designs) to leave the app. The video should continue playing in a movable, resizable, hovering window as you navigate the home screen or other apps on your device. To see wether you have access, You can check for the feature by tapping your profile picture in the top right of the YouTube app, going to Settings > General, and checking for a toggle labeled “Picture-in-picture.”