It will be Pokémon GO updated in December ?


The details were provided based on an analysis of the game’s code conducted by PokeVS, a Pokémon web scanner. PokeVS was able to identify points that changed in the game’s code, underscoring tangible evidences. Pokémon  is still one of the biggest mobile games to date but the number of players and daily usage are steadily declining. It was proved it zoomed back to the top of the Apple App Store’s app ranking after any update. Numerous secrets have been found in recent months by fans. However, comes word that Niantic CEO John Hanke knows of a secret within the game that, according to him, has yet to be discovered by players. “There will always be secrets in the game that no one has found because we’re always adding new secrets to the game,” he said. That should encourage more players to play the game regularly to discover them.


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