Florida game house passes big milestone: 500 days of 24/7 gaming


StreamerHouse was launched a year and a half ago in Lakeland by Ryan Carmichael, also known by friends as “Tree”. The video footage of their recorded gaming is streamed live for others to see. While playing the guys have a different range of subjects they want to talk about: from different gaming advice to the perfect temperature of pizza rolls.

Some see it as a fraternity house. From many points this is true. The guys live in the same house they play in. But there’s a catch. They make money by playing games. The money comes from different sources but mainly from different commercials and from donations. When their gaming shift comes they report to the nearest couch and start the game marathon. Since launching, the Lakeland gamers got more than 36 million views for their total video footage. That’s an average of 73000 views per day. No wonder this became so popular: gaming, always on, always life!

When asked how will they celebrate this big milestone Ryan Carmichael joked that they will maybe sit on the couch and drink a beer. But the team over StreamerHouse had a bigger surprise in store for their viewers. They are giving away $2000 and few other goodies. And as for the gaming marathon? It will never stop. The guys are not showing any signs of fatigue even though they have no days off. But who can complain?


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