Pinterest introduced new features for its users, this week


The most important is “the guided search” which means that if typing the closest or first thing you come up with Pinterest will start pulling up categories and keywords that not only start with the same letters, but also ones that are related to these possible keywords. “Guided search will help you discover when you didn’t know how to ask for things to begin with,” explained chief executive Ben Silbermann. He already confessed that for the Pinterest’s staff “the pressure is just in making a product that’s really, really useful and really inspiring to you.” Guided Search is a unique type of search engine to help mobile users, knowing that around 75 percent of Pinterest use is done through its mobile apps. Guided Search for desktop will be coming soon, though the company did not specify a time frame.
Another new feature is called “custom categories”, permitting users to search with keywords for something that is not included on the basic 32 categories. Finally, “related pins” feature will allow more than 90 percent of pins to have Related Pins , as recommended subjects by the service, attached to them.


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