New Music Streaming Service unveiled by Apple



The music streaming service is expected to be available from this fall in the United States. The service will be offered free of cost with Ads included. However, people who are subscribed to Apple’s iTunes Match music-storage service can get their hands on the commercial-free version of iTunes Radio for just $25 per year.

Apple’s announcement to enter into the music streaming service industry comes just a month after Inc. began its on-demand music subscription service called the All Access. Some of the other competitions to Apple include Pandora, Rhapsody, and Spotify. Existing competition will make it increasingly difficult for Apple to make a mark in the world of music streaming. Nonetheless, the service being offered for free will surely attract people to at least try out the service.

The service will allow users to create radio stations based on particular genre(s), song(s) or artist(s). Therefore, subscribers can input a song and the station will play songs that are similar to the song given as input.


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