Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ Unearths Bigamy


Ellanora Fulk got Teri Ann Fyre as a suggested friend using the feature, unknown to her Fyre was actually her husband’s new wife. On further scrutiny of Fyre’s Facebook page, Fulk discovered wedding photos of her husband and his now wife Fyre. Fulk and her corrections officer husband, Alan L. O’Neill also known as Alan Fulk, are estranged he still faces bigamy charges.

Alan Fulk and Ellenora Fulk have been estranged since 2009, following 8 years of marriage. Ellenora alerted the authorities about Alan’s bigamy following the discovery. Alan changed his name to Alan L. O’Neil before his marriage to Ann Fyre and Ellenora never knew about it. Both Ellenora and Alan had never sought divorce leading to the bigamy charges. Alan faces up to a 1-year jail term if he is convicted.

The incident is not isolated and recently a Melbourne, Australia woman, Mrs. Keyet, contacted a woman who had just gotten married to her husband. The new Mrs. Keyet soon afterwards had the marriage annulled leaving Mr. Keyet to face bigamy charges.


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