Google Rolls Out April Fools’ Day Spoofs


The announcement that YouTube was closing down after 8 years of operation was by far the most outlandish. announced that they had launched YouTube back in 2005 as a competition to narrow down on the best video out there. They further said that a winner would be chosen out of the site’s 150,000 finalists and the process would only take 10 years.

’s unveiling of their soon to be released Nose, which would be an ‘Aromabase’ based search feature, also captured attention and laughs out of it. According to them, users would be able to search for smells including ‘horse manure’ and ‘wet dog’ using the search feature.

Not many may have been fooled by these pranks, but they have become a tradition not only by Google but also other tech companies in a bid to garner more marketing out of the day. Twitter also announced that from today they would begin charging for vowel use.


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