Twitter Celebrates 7th Birthday


Karen Wickre, Twitter’s editorial editor, wrote that the social network has transformed into a ‘true global town square – a public place’ where the latest news could be accessed, concepts or ideas exchanged and connections could be made. The company says that currently they have more than 200 million users who actively tweet each day, sending out about 400 million tweets daily. This is a growth from last year when the company reported during their birthday that there were 340 million tweets sent out daily.

The company highlighted that the tweets shared through the social media network are from space, conversations among notable people and tweets touching on revolution. The company is also credited for investing effort and time to recruit high-profile personalities to their network. Most notable is the former pope’s handle ‘@Pontifex’ which has now been handed over to Pope Francis.

The company has also come under a fair share of criticism. Most recently from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights association, who claimed that the network was greatly being used to disseminate hate speech of anti-semantic nature. World governments are also said to have sent out about 1009 requests last year to the company asking for information linked to criminal investigations.


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