Facebook Unveils New Redesign


The Facebook News Feed went through a makeover that will see it display larger photos as well as advertisement links. The new design will also allow users to have specialized streams focusing on topics of interest such as music and also to only see posts by their close friends.

The design change according to the company will help it maintain users during this competitive time with other social media networks, advance the idea of specialized social networking and draw in increased advertisement revenue.  Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said at the conference held yesterday that he envisioned Facebook becoming one of the “best personalized newspapers in the world.” He added that he wanted Facebook’s ‘front page’ to be more engaging. This is particularly in the case of mobile devices which have smaller screens.

The specialized feeds will likely engage users and they will in turn spend increased amounts of time scrolling through various streams on the platform. Advertizers on the other hand will benefit from a larger ‘real estate’ for advertizing through the social media network.


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