‘Mama Africa’ Miriam Makeba Honored With A Google Doodle


In the span of Makeba’s 50-year career she was involved in several cultural movements and most notably stood up against apartheid, leading to her exiled from her native country South Africa. Makeba is also remembered as the first woman from Africa to have won a Grammy. She is also credited for having shaped the ‘Afro look’ to what it is now.

In 1960, after performing for Come Back Africa an anti-apartheid documentary, Makeba was denied re-entry to South Africa. She was going back home to attend the funeral of her mother, but was turned refused entry at the airport.

The Doodle paying tribute to Makeba is in earth tones, depicting a kind of anti-apartheid icon. Makeba is also depicted in the Doodle donning traditional clothes in semblance of a passionate performance, against the backdrop of the logo.


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