Google Doodle Honors Archaeologist Mary Leakey for Her 100th Birthday


Leakey’s discovery proved that our extinct ancestors known as the australopithecines walked upright. Leakey further discovered the Proconsul’s, an extinct ape, focalized skull. The Proconsul was also believed to have been our ancestor. Leakey also for the discovery of the early hominin Zinjanthropus skull at eastern Africa’s Olduvai Gorge and she is also credited for coming up with a classification system used to identify the stone tools which were also excavated at the site.

Leakey’s entire family is archaeologists, with her husband Louis Leakey also credited for several archaeological findings as well as her three son’s Richard, Jonathan and Philip. The Leakey’s often explored various sites together.

The doodle presents Leakey on an excavation site together with her two Dalmatian dogs, which are said to have accompanied her on many of her excavations. Leakey passed away on the 9th of December 1996 at 83, but she left a lasting legacy continued by her son’s through their archeological work.


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