AT&T offers support for iPhone's facetime over 3G

AT&T wants to profit from iPhone's popularity by offering 3G support for the data demanding video streaming iPhone application Facetime. The reason why iPhone users use Facetime instead of 3G video calls is because of a better video quality.

  • Written by James Mahoney
  • Category: Features

Opt out for cookie tracking on Twitter

Twitter recently introduced the "Do not Track" option thus joining other big companies that care for their users privacy concerns. Activating the "Do not track" option on Twitter prevents the big social giant from tracking your actions online.

  • Written by Julius
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BluRay players will soon be obsolete

Anthony Wood, CEO of Roku, believes Blu-ray players will soon become obsolete. At the San Francisco event "TV of Tomorrow" Anthony was asked if he believes Blu-ray players will still be in the picture in 4 years time. He argues that Blu-ray players will be a thing of the past.

  • Written by Jed E. Robinson
  • Category: Features