Kim Dotcom hopes to offer free broadband in New Zealand


The internet millionaire plans to have a meeting with the founders of Pacific Fibre. The company wanted to build ’s second international internet link in one of their previous ambitious plans. They were forced to quit ahead as they failed to raise enough money.

Dotcom plans a new service on the site which will be similar to the now-closed file sharing site In an interview given to ONE News Kim Dotcom said that will fund a part of the needed $400 million and it will help Pacific Fibre finish its ambitious project by bringing in other investors and backbone providers. Dotcom further declared that “ would be the single largest customer on the new cable and our presence here would attract new internet businesses to open in NZ”.

Free internet access for inhabitants might be possible if foreign companies, users and even governments pay for storing and accessing data that will be stored on servers. Let’s just hope that US film studios and the US government won’t try to stop Kim Dotcom.


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