Kindle web access is no longer unlimited


But what made it a hit in USA and then worldwide was the fact that Kindle users could buy and download books or newspaper publications with a simple click. There was no need for an extra connection as the device had unlimited internet connectivity over 3G everywhere in the world. This was possible due to some contracts made between Amazon and major GSM network operators worldwide.

The internet was limited to the payment and browsing process for the books sold on Amazon and only allowed a crippled browsing experience (no flash or HTML5, or javascript) through the device’s internal browser. It didn’t take long until some users managed to hack the system and use the 3G internet without any limit from any normal PC.

Reportedly Kindle 3G users got some messages regarding newly imposed restrictions over their internet connection. Example: “You have 30 hours of browsing remaining this month”. Now analysts argue whether this is AT&T’s or Amazon’s doing.


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