Another Nintendo game pulled from the eShop due to Homebrew exploit

After it was found out that the indie multiplayer shooter for the Nintendo 3DS can be used to boot homebrew games and apps, the game "Ironfall: Invasion" was removed from both the U.S. and European Nintendo eShops. Nintendo was rather fast to act upon hearing news of this exploit especially because the game was free to download and having the ability to play homebrew games opens the door to piracy.

Rabet, who is cracker behind the Homebrew exploit, publicly apologized on Twitter to VD-Dev(the developer of Ironfall), a game that had been downloaded 300,000 times: "..also sorry to ironfall devs for their game getting pulled from EU. hope they'll fix it and get it back up soon" - smea (@smealum). For now Homebrew enthusiasts are asked to download the Youtube app as they are promised a nice surprise with a following announcement.

This is not the first time Rabet is behind such an exploit. Last year in the month of November Rabet was behind the exploit dubbed as Ninjahax which was made for the puzzle game Cubic Ninja. The game which was developped by AQ Interactive was also taken down from Nintendo's store but that time until Nintendo could patch their own 3DS firmware. Since the game wasn't free, homebrew enthusiasts could still get their hands on physical copies of the game and as a result GameStop was forced to raise the price of Cubic Ninja in order to discourage hack attempts. The game which had a price tag of only $5 ended up costing $39.99.