WikiLeaks releases gigabytes of encrypted data as insurance

The anti-secrecy group which also helped Edward Snowden after he leaked secret documents from NSA decided it was about time to have some kind of insurance. On Saturday WikiLeaks posted on Twitter and Facebook links toward around 400 GB of encrypted data and asked fans world-wide to mirror them. 

Kim Dotcom hopes to offer free broadband in New Zealand

Internet is expensive in New Zealand and Kim Dotcom, the big internet entrepreneur that founded MegaUpload, has plans that would offer free broadband to all New Zealanders. Kim Dotcom is still facing extradition in the MegaUpload case where FBI charged him with piracy crimes.

  • Written by James Mahoney
  • Category: Cyber Freedom

North Korea Expands Internet Access to Visitors

North Korea is set to widen internet access through mobile and other portable devices, just to visitors. North Korean residents will, however, still not have the privilege of accessing the widened internet accessibility.
  • Written by Bernadette
  • Category: Cyber Freedom