The Internet 25th anniversary

The Internet turned 25 years old. His inventor, the London born computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, speaking on the anniversary, called for a digital bill of rights to ensure internet freedom.

He expressed the hope that the Internet should be “accessible to all, from any device, and one that empowers all of us to achieve our dignity, rights and potential as humans”. Berners-Lee condemned the increasing attack by governments and corporate against the freedom of the Internet, requesting an online Magna Carta or foundation of rules to protect his neutrality. He even advanced the idea that the growing online surveillance and censorship is threatening the future of democracy in the world.
The inventor of the Internet and the World Wide Web Consortium have launched a year campaign called “The Web We Want”, asking action to define an Internet “bill of rights” for every country. They explained this is a necessity to preserve the goal of the Internet: it was conceived as a medium for open exchanges and ideas.