The Internet 25th anniversary

The Internet turned 25 years old. His inventor, the London born computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, speaking on the anniversary, called for a digital bill of rights to ensure internet freedom.

  • Written by Robert Woodward
  • Category: Technology

One of the fast moving robots of the world

Robotics Unlimited created the six-legged OutRunner robot, one of the fasted electronic devices of the world. It can travel up to 20 miles per hour on level ground and the batteries are active for two full hours. This robot can travel over hills and rough terrain.

  • Written by Robert Woodward
  • Category: Technology

Organic battery invention in Sweden

Important discoveries always changed the world. Researchers at the University of Uppsala in Sweden have developed a more sustainable electric vehicle (EV) battery that can be charged in a matter of seconds.

  • Written by Jerry Seward
  • Category: Innovation