A drone crashed in Louis Armstrong Stadium on Thursday during a US Open match

"I was a little bit scared, I have to say. I mean, with all the things that happen now in the world, I’m imagining, 'OK, it’s a bomb.' That was my first reaction. I think it’s normal to think something like that.I was trying to (keep playing). I saw the police there watching and everything," Flavia Pennetta declared after a drone crashed into seats in Armstrong Stadium towards the end of No. 26 Flavia Pennetta’s second-round win against Monica Niculescu.

Drones make history with their capability to appear in many unexpected places and moments. This time was another situation when drone’s presence and crash generated trouble for people and activities, prompting security and members of the New York Police Department to halt play as they investigated the device. The black device flew diagonally through the arena before crashing. The NYPD is conducting an ongoing investigation. The first thing to say was the drone, which appeared to be the size of one consumers can buy for personal use, about the width of a pizza box.