Indonesia will demolish and rebuild the Kanjuruhan stadium


The Indonesian government will demolish and rebuild the in East JAVA Province where a stampede killed more than 130 people this month (one of the world’s deadliest stadium disasters) President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said on Tuesday. The President and Infantino also discussed the management of stadiums in Indonesia and standards for organizing football matches.”We agreed to thoroughly transform Indonesian soccer,” he said. “Every aspect of preparation…needs to be based on FIFA standards.” The country prepares to host the Under-20 World Cup next year.


“This is a football country, a country where football is a passion for over 100 million people,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said. “What I can guarantee to all the people of Indonesia: FIFA is here with you, FIFA is here to stay, FIFA is here to work in a very close partnership with the government, with the Asian Football Confederation and with the federation of Indonesia,” Infantino added. FIFA bars “crowd control gas” from being used inside stadiums and mandates that exit gates and emergency exits remain unobstructed at all times. It also requires event organizers to have an emergency plan in the event of a major incident.The youth tournament is scheduled to take place in May-June 2023, in multiple cities.