The Mexican Alan Pulido from Olympiakos was rescued after being kidnapped


The U.S. State Department cautions against travel to Tamaulipas, which has one of the highest kidnapping rates in Mexico. Ismael Quintanilla, the state attorney general, said: “We have information that he was intercepted by armed persons and since then his whereabouts are unknown.” After being kidnapped, Pulido was the main actor in his own liberation. He was an action-man: when he was alone with one of his raptors, he wrestled the man’s pistol and his cellphone and dialed Mexico’s emergency number. Police arrived soon. Pulido cut his wrist when he broke a window trying to escape. The suspect was 38-year-old from the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, who Quintanilla said was a member of one of the criminal organizations operating in the city. Three other suspects in this kidnapping were identified. Pulido made a brief appearance before reporters saying: “Very well, thank God.”


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