The US women’s football team became the winner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy


“The break we had before we met up in Jersey I was home and it was just my headphones, myself and I at the field and I’m running and I’m doing sprints and I just completely zoned out. I dreamed of and visualised playing in a World Cup final and visualised scoring four goals,” Carli Lloyd, 32-year old, told to the media. No team had ever scored more than two goals in a final until now. “ So it was very shocking for everyone. It was almost like you had to re-watch to make sure it was a real goal. And then the fact that the next one came, you know, within two minutes, was even crazier,:” a fan commented. Scared of getting arrested, FIFA president Sepp Blatter and secretary general Jerome Valcke aren’t at the Women’s World Cup final.


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