The World Cup 2014


At Sao Paolo city’s World Cup stadium, which will host Thursday’s opening match between Brazil and Croatia, crews were working even this week.  Amazonia Arena, site of the England-Italy game this weekend, is still under construction too. Some airports, road and stadiums had significative construction delays. Because many protests preceded the big event due to social problems in Brazil, many of them organized with the participation of Homeless Workers’ Movement the President  Dilma Rousseff delivered a nationally televised speech defending the games a night before. On the other part, prepared the online newscenter at in addition to the content on their official website. The potential teams of the Brazil and Croatia opening match are: Brazil (Possible, 4-2-3-1): Cesar; Alves, Luiz, Silva, Marcelo; Gustavo, Paulinho; Hulk, Oscar, Neymar; Fred; Croatia (Possible, 4-2-3-1): Pletikosa; Srna, Lovren, Corluka, Pranjic; Vukojevic, Modric; Perisic, Rakitic, Kovacic; Olic. Unfortunately, participating to this world show will be one expensive trip for the average people. Prices actually rose for many things in Brazil. As an example, in Rio de Janeiro a pizza can cost up to $35 and a cheeseburger can cost $17 and hotel prices are inflated too.


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