Criticism of Clubs Has Already set to Finalize Recent Situation


In the last year, a report was made up on demands of European League, who then are backing that European club in pushing forward with the major reform of the world football what will obviously affect World Cup and European Championships as well as all other international football.

The Key to these reforms will actually be the point of the compensation paid accurately to the clubs for make public of their own prized internationals, actually the level of all insurance policies as well as claims for the injured players, whole structure of international calendar, along with how this impacts on devaluing of the friendlies. In addition at chance is continuation of Champions Leagues in the current guise, in addition to the present set-up of now a day’s World Cup plus European Championship.

Along with ECA (European Club Association) set to grasp its close next common assembly on the February 27th to 28th in Warsaw, major point on agenda of this assembly will be ongoing discussions along with and UEFA regarding the as usual Memorandum of Understanding just between both of the parties which then expires in the year of 2014. One source told that ECA currently is discussing with two of and UEFA matters for example insurance policies for the national team player, amount of compensation for release of the team player, international calendar as well as governance, what will form exact basis for newly arranged Memorandum of Understanding.

All of those discussions now have entered into the critical phase in the negotiations in addition to this becomes probable that there would be a main announcement at 2-day common assembly. Precise agenda of the meeting has not yet been finalized, on the other hand that source included that there is also a general understanding that international calendar need only to be arranged of the double-dates as well as no distinct friendlies, especially in the August month. Under current agreement, the football clubs will have $70 million just for 2014 World Cup; the game held in South Africa in the year of 2010, then paid out approximately $40 million. On the other hand for European Championship, the UEFA then paid out approximately €43.5 million in Switzerland.



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