Book Deal for Children Signed by Midfielder Frank Lampard


The storyline is going to be about a school going boy, Frankie his friends who love football and a pet named Max. Frank says that the stories will be based on teammates and friends. The player, aged 34 is expected to have the first book published in June and it will be called ‘Frankie versus the Pirate Pillagers and it will be followed by two other books this year while the other two will be published in 2014. He said that the idea of the books came to him when he was reading to his own children.

He says that football and stories are interconnected and that is why he has decided to share his own adventures and football stories. Zoe King and Neil Blair are the ones who brokered the book deal for Lampard. The two have already gone on record to state that his books are going to be filled with wacky adventures and lovable characters destined for great things.


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