Lionel Messi was sentenced by Spain’s Supreme Court on Wednesday

Spain’S Supreme Court on Wednesday confirmed a 21-month jail sentence and 2.09-million-euro ($2.25 million) fine imposed to Barcelona’s football star Lionel Messi for tax fraud. He was sentenced to seven months in prison for each of the three financial crimes. This was the answer to his appeal.

  • Written by James Prewitt
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AC Milan Club was sold to Chinese investors

"I'm leaving today, after more than 30 years, the title and job of Milan president," Silvio Berlusconi said after the sale of Serie A giants AC Milan to a Chinese-led consortium was finalized for €740m (£627m). "I will always be the first fan of Milan, Berlusconi added. The consortium takes a 99.9% stake in the club. The investors also agreed to spend €350m (£297m) over three years on improvements.

  • Written by Robert Woodward
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