The IOC needs more info to decide if Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed

There are still four months until the Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Games are scheduled to begin July 24.

The Olympic Flame arrived in Japan on Friday. However, a final decision about the Games is expected later. USA Swimming and USA Track and Field's chiefs, major sports governing bodies in the United States, have asked for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to be postponed amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. But U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee CEO said in a statement that more clarity is needed before making such a decision. President Trump already said that postponing Lympics is a „big decision” Japan needs to take. On the other part, the IOC is considering a logistical challenge of delivering competitors safely to Tokyo, possibly using charter planes for isolation, setting up quarantined base camps so athletes can continue training with minimal risk of infection, and minimizing time spent in the Olympic Village.


Italy, Spain, Ireland and even Japan have urged the IOC to postpone the Games. Fact is a sporting festival is not what the world needs when it is fighting a deadly pandemic. The movement asking Tokyo Games to be delayed is increasing. Warnings and predictions exist and need to be considered. Nobody can be certain what is to come.