Lance Armstrong Admits To Doping


Armstrong did not name names, but said that his 2009 comeback led to his downfall when George Hincapie his Tour de France training partner gave him up to the anti-doping authorities. He did not implicate anyone else and said that it was next to impossible to have seven straight tour wins without doping.

He admitted to using banned substances, the blood booster EPO, blood doping and transfusions as well as using testosterones and human growth hormones. Throughout his rise, Armstrong repeatedly maintained that he run a clean race.

The doping revelation got Armstrong a life time ban from sanctioned events which David Howman, the World Anti-Doping Agency, says could be lifted if Armstrong confessed under oath as opposed to a talk show.

Armstrong faces two law suits and one requires him to pay over $5 million in compensation to the government for the alleged fraud he committed. He is also a witness in a federal investigation.


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