A petition asking to put Kobe Bryant's image on the NBA logo

More than one million people have signed a petition to use Kobe Bryant's image as a new official NBA logo which was first created in 1971 by Alan Siege, and features the silhouette of another great LA Lakers player, Jerry West, who is 81 years old.

The petition's founder Nick M said: "With the untimely and unexpected passing of the great Kobe Bryant please sign this petition in an attempt to immortalise him forever as the new NBA logo."  Now, supporters have tweeted their own versions of the logo, using Bryant's silhouette. West himself did pay tribute to Bryant after news of his death was confirmed. As motivation to sustain the petition, many facts are invoked.


Bryant was a five-time NBA champion who played his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as a double Olympic gold medalist. He scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in 2006, the second-highest single-game total in NBA history. He won an Oscar for best short animated film in 2018 for Dear Basketball. It was a five-minute film based on a love letter to the sport he had written in 2015. At this time is not known if NBA would consider updating its logo but the number the signatures will increase.