Surfer Rodrigo Koxa owns the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed

Brazilian professional surfer Rodrigo Koxa, 38-year-old, was named a 'world record holder' at the weekend after the judging panel at the World Surf League Big Wave Awards decided he had ridden an 80 foot wave in Portugal last year.

It was an 80-foot wave at Nazaré. The previous record was 78 feet,  also at Nazaré. This place is famed for its massive waves due to the conditions on the ocean floor.


“I had an amazing dream the night before. Where I was talking to myself, ‘You gotta go straight down. You gotta go straight down.’ I didn’t really know what it meant. But I figured somebody was talking to me. When I got my wave, I let go of the rope, I started to use my rail to angle towards the shoulder, but then realized, if I used my rail, I’d never get deep. And then I remembered: ‘go straight down.’ When I said it, I remembered my dream. I turned and I almost fell, but then I got my feet again and went super fast. I’ve never had a big wave like that where I didn’t use the rail at all. Just went straight down. It was amazing,” Koxa described his unique experience. He was awarded the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed at the ceremony on Saturday night.