A Norwegian woman and her Sherpa guide have set a climbing record


A Norwegian woman mountain climber and her Nepali Sherpa guide Tenjin ‘Lama’ have set a new record by scaling the world’s 14 highest peaks in 92 days. All the peaks the two summitted are above 8,000 meters (about 26,000 feet). The pair surpassed Nepal-born British adventurer Nirmal Purja’s record of six months and six days, set in 2019. Kristin Harila, a former professional skier, completed her final summit – K2 in Pakistan. Her sponsors, the outdoor company Osprey, broke news of her success on her final peak.


“With this incredible achievement Kristin has set a new benchmark in mountaineering history and secured her status as an exceptional trailblazer in the field. Her achievement serves as an inspiration to adventurers and mountaineers around the globe, proving that with dedication and resilience, extraordinary heights can be reached,” their statenent said. The circuit of 14 mountains was first completed by Reinhold Messner, widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest mountaineers, but he made it in years.