German police detained suspects of planning attack at the half-marathon


In fact, a knife attack was planned. The principal suspect had in his possession two knives which had been especially sharpened for this purpose, the report said. He had been under surveillance for some time. “Because of the ongoing investigation, no further information can be given at the present time,” the police added in their statement. A record of 36,000 athletes entered the 38th edition of the Berlin half-marathon, the largest in and thousands of people lined Berlin streets to watch the event.

Berlin half marathon

No incidents were reported. German lawmakers called for tougher security measures after the attack in Berlin by Tunisian Anis Amri, who killed 12 people in 2016 driving a truck into a crowded marketplace. The main suspect NOW was known to Amri and had planned to stab to death spectators and runners at the half-marathon. Earlier on Sunday, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said the government would do everything possible to protect citizens, but added: “We have again experienced that … absolute security is unfortunately not possible.” The Berlin Half Marathon is a major endurance event held annually in early spring. It began as Berlin Peace Run which took place in East Berlin since 1982 and the SCC Half Marathon in the western part of the city. Over the years, reunited after the fall of the Berlin Wall it increased in size and popularity.


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