Amputee from 9 / 11 attacks, American athlete Sarah Rudder, won 7 medals at Invictus Games


“It shows that just because I’m an amputee doesn’t mean I can’t go out and put my heart and soul on the track or any event that I do,” she said. After struggling to deal with the loss of a limb, Rudder found a way to turn despair into triumph through sports. She became a part of the military’s Wounded Warrior program. Invictus Games, this year, included nearly 400 wounded and sick servicemen and women from 14 countries around the world. Sarah was being promoted to Lance Corporal in front of the Pentagon when American Airline Flight 77 crashed into the building. This is the history. For years, Rudder battled with her injury, undergoing five surgeries to save her fractured leg. She had amputation in 2014.


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