Nike Wins Gold in Olympic For Ambush Marketing


Despite of the non-sponsor status, Nike always handles a high profile in prestigious events like Olympic. They outwitted huge money backers of Olympic like – Mcdonald’s, Addidas and Visa. They reportedly paid more than $155 million for the sponsorship of London Olympic 2012 with the demoralized campaign as suggested by marketing experts.

The co-founder of ‘Carbone Smolan Agency’, Leslie Smolan said, “During the games, the shoes were the first thing I took notice of. I think the marketing approach of Nike was brilliant. They managed to penetrate themselves into the Olympic Games which is the best way to show your new product, not just talk about it”

However, the organizers of London Olympics 2012 considered official action against the company –Nike, as they didn’t dump their idea with the associated press. The IOC always patrol for blocking the non Olympic advertisers from collapsing the attractive official game sponsor’s marketing party and they prohibit athletes coming with personal sponsors. However, the logo police can’t stop the Nike competitors from doing this because Olympians can wear whatever they want, whatever they feel offering them a crack at the stage.

The CEO of Hanft project, Adam Hanft said, “Nike leveraged the grouping of their familiar trade dress as well as logo to get Olympic-sized trademark recognition without an Olympic-sized budget. It’s a kind of guerrilla market strategy to make the marketers smile and nuts.”

Whatever, Nike was unrepentant about the campaign of its shoes.

Spokesperson of Nike, Brian Strong said, “At the Olympic games, more than 400 athletes are wearing the yellow neon Volt Nike shoes. Most of them are in field and track but also in fencing and boxing.”

According to Nike, 41 athletes wore yellow neon Volt shoes including 43%of the field and track medalist.

The Volt is popping consumer brand of Nike. Brian Strong said, “Between all the colors of rainbow, the visual system of human is most sensitive to the green and yellow zone. The power of visual sensitivity is capitalized when background will be highly contrasting. The London Olympic track color is red. So the human visualization is low sensitive to red versus highly sensitive yellow neon Volt.” Nike aloes offered free gears for the team.



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