Erick Barrondo from Stone to Silver


His talent and ambition always told him he was a winner and he felt like one but he lacked the recognition. Erick believed so hard that he can win the medal that he built his own medal from stone and made a picture of himself with that medal to remind him what he was after.

Erick Barrondo made history yesterday after running in the 20km race which was held close to Buckingham pallace. He finished second and finally won a medal in the Olympics. We won the silver medal and outperformed his competition. Erick is a real example of an achiever. He first dreamed he can do it and then he fought down to his last strength to win that medal.

Up until today 79 countries still did not win any medal in the Olympics. Congratulations again to Erick Barrondo for representing us with such determination!


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