Omni-Freeze ZERO T-Shirt regulates body temperature


Athletes can’t perform their best with normal clothing because of fatigue and perspiration.

Activewear has changed quite a bit throughout history. The fabrics and styles of clothing are chosen to match the physical activities you are most likely to do. Up until a couple of days ago Nike was holding the number one spot for effectiveness in activewear. Nike Pro Vapor Men’s training shirt is a low profile T-Shirt that prevents discomfort, reduces irritation caused by chafing and keeps your body cool and dry. Sweat reaches the shirt’s surface and quickly evaporates. Breath-ability is ensured because of its clever design.

Columbia Sportswear has presented a new T-Shirt that can lower body temperature. Our body’s natural cooling process (done through perspiration) ensures we keep a certain thermal comfort. But sometimes this is not enough. Columbia’s temperature lowering T-Shirt does not have any kind of chemical coatings that can cool our body added to the fabric.

Omni-Freeze ZERO T-Shirt cools our body because as we perspirate the sweat is spread by the base and micro hydrophilic rings made out of polymer absorb it. These rings take the form of 3D donuts. Body heat is gathered and then consumed as this process requires energy. The Shirt offers sun protection and in different tests it showed that it can be up to ten Celsius degrees cooler than your body is.



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