Iran’s Olympic Secretary General Says Iran’s Athletes are going to face Israelis


Bahram Afsharzadeh, Iranian Olympic Committee’s secretary general, said “We will be truthful to sport.”  Speaking through his translator, Afsharzadeh said that his athletes’ team really did not have any plans to reject those events due to the nationality of the opponents.  He also mentioned that “We just follow the sportsmanship and play every country,”

He spoke in athlete’s village just after signing contract of “truce wall,” this contract is recognized as U.N.-backed plan calling on military teams around the corners of world to finish the hostilities during that period of games.

In English Afsharzadeh said, “In sport and in Olympics, all the countries must (be) together with the teams in friendship.” He continued “Solidarity for all the countries is very important.” He also told that Iran would show respect to them by being silent for a minute if that was held in beginning ceremony in order to remind the Eleven Israelis murder case at Munich Olympics in the year of 1972. Though, International Olympic Committee has recently refused plea of Israel plea for commemoration. He added that “This case is for the IOC.” He continued “Everything from the IOC we respect.”

Now Iran got fifty four athletes for the event in Britain. Moreover, outside this Olympics, Iran also is engaged in a continuing standoff over the nuclear program with Israel, which is mainly aimed at making atomic weapon (this is being suspected by West). Iran has denied the charge; they are now insisting that the program is only for peaceful purposes.

Britain cut relationship with Iran in the year of 2011and closed delegation of it in Tehran just after the occurrence involving the militant Iranian students and the mission. Though there is bitter relationship between Britain government and Iran government, Iran is expecting a beautiful 2012 Olympic even here. It has been clear from Afsharzadeh’ speech: “Everything about the country (Britain) is very, very fantastic and everything is really normal.”



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