Surfer survives shark attack in final of J-Bay Open


The shark slided up behind Mick Fanning after one of his runs. This lead to a gripping scene of panic and relief for all the fans watching the event live. The Australian surfer managed to scare the shark after he managed to punch the shark in the back, as he described during an interview after the event. He was not injured at all, and was cool enough to give a memorable quote.

The full video of surfer Mick_Fanning attacked by shark in the surfing event and getting away not harmed can be seen here: The attack and rescue are just completely insane. The competition was halted because of the shark although it was in its final day. On Monday the show should resume but there is no information whether Fanning will swim back out then to punch the rest of the sharks to ensure the show doesn’t get delayed again.


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