Retirement of Shawn Johnson Because of Knee Injury


In the Olympic, Shawn Johnson finishes the sport achieving the Olympic gold as well as three silvers. The dynamic routines of her in Beijing certainly helped the United State to earn the silver medal according to team, and she also earned 3 gold in the world championships of the year of 2007. After the Olympic Games, Johnson won also the well known reality show of TV named “Dancing with the Stars.”

The retirement of Shawn Johnson will not make decision of committee selecting new Olympic team easier. The United State won world championships again in the year of 2011 and achieved the team silver in the 2008 Olympics. 9 athletes challenging have those entire world Championships or the Olympic medals as well as are trying for coveted 5 spots.

One of the Yahoo Sport analysis named Shannon Miller, for all upcoming “London Games” and also a 7-time medalist in Olympic, said that the committee might have to do the tough decisions.

It was a hurtful talk with Shawn Johnson about the knee injury. On her press interview she said “This will be a tough year filled with agonizing decisions as athletes prepare and compete. With only five spots available on the Olympic gymnastics team, athletes have to make the next two competitions [the VISA Championships and the U.S. Olympic Trials] count. Every move they make will be considered by the selection committee in determining the team. As a former athlete, I know that the Olympic trials process is more daunting and rigorous than the actual Games. That’s the icing.”

As Shawn Johnson is not competing in the Olympic Games, her fans around the world became sad after knowing the news on knee injury and her absence in the Olympic. But even devoid of competing in the Olympic in this year 2012, the place of Shawn Johnson in history of United State. Gymnastics is safe.





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