The World Marathon Challenge, a competition of courage


Competitors suffer from marathon fatigue, jet lag and sleep deprivation. During the competition the temperature has possible variation of 50 Degrees Celsius. The fastest combined marathon times for male and female runners will be recognized by the Book of Alternative Records for world record purposes. The athletes who have completed the difficult task are also eligible to become members of The 7 Continents Marathon Club and the exclusive Intercontinental Marathon Club. The entry fee for 2015 World Marathon Challenge was 32,000 Euros. This included International business class flights to each of the marathon locations, accommodation, medical support, professional video footage, medals and souvenirs. The first Marathon was in January 17 in Antarctica. The last will be in Sydney, Australia, on January 23.
“I am just trying to prove to myself that an average person can do what most others think is impossible,” said to the media Tim Durbin, a California man participant.


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