Leslie Smith lost by a technical knock-out in match against Jessica Eye


Leslie Smith had her left side of the face covered in blood as the wound was still open and blood was pouring out. Doctors got to look at Smith’s ear but chose to let her keep fighting. Thus, Smith entered the second round but unfortunately for her Eye saw an opportunity for KO and made Smith’s left ear her main target.

Jessica Eye pulled from close range a couple of short rights and not soon after the second round began she had Smith’s left ear wound opened up again. Since Eye managed to punch it again after this referee Herb Dean decided to call time and hear what the doctors think about Leslie Smith’s condition as her ear was already flapping down. Eye won as she got the TKO victory in the women’s bantamweight bout.

When asked about her thoughts and strategy during the match Jessica Eye had the following to say: “When I connected and saw her ear blow up, that became my main target.. I was going to keep hitting it until they stopped the fight or it fell off. My goal is to be the first girl in the UFC to get a knockout win. I know I’ll do it. Now I’ve climbed another rung on the ladder, and I’ll look around and see what my options are, but ‘Im almost to the top”


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