WWE Launches Twitter Attack against Alberto Del Rio


In case of the two time winner of both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship, WWE didn’t stop at just announcing the cutback with a simple statement. WWE was presumably attacked via Twitter with many messages from angry fans. As a result WWE posted the following message in two parts to address the created situation:

“@VivaDelRio is responsible for his own actions. If you’re angry at anyone, be angry at Alberto.
There’s no excuse for a pro athlete not to conduct themselves in a professional manner.” WWE thus stuck with their original release statement: “WWE announced the release of Alberto Del Rio due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.”

Many WWE fans believe the recent cut-backs are largely happening due to budget cuts but in case of Alberto Del Rio the situation seems to have been different. Del Rio also won Money in the Bank briefcase and the Royal Rumble (2011 edition). His contract was rumored to expire this month and close friends say he was thinking of returning back to Mexico.


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