Facing an Assault Charge with the Help of an Attorney


Utilizing the right type of assistance can mean asking a lawyer about their background and experience, so never be shy when inquiring about whether or not they have been involved in a certain type of case before. A lot of the time a lawyer can help to greatly reduce the a defendant might receive, but there are of course no guarantees. While great criminal defense attorneys help to decrease the potential penalties in a big way, there are no guarantees when it comes to going to court.

Going to Court

While much of what is publicized with regard to going to court looks like a constant trial, this is far from what really occurs. Much of the time these sorts of disputes are settled outside of court with the use of a plea bargain. An attorney helps to increase the chances of a favorable plea bargain for a defendant, which is why having one is important. While a defendant could theoretically negotiate for their own plea arrangement, a lawyer helps to ensure that if the plea agreement is not favorable, then there is the chance to go to trial. While going to trial does involve the chance of being found not guilty and receiving no punishment at all, there is always the chance that it could go wrong and a judge could ‘throw the book at you’ in terms of sentencing.

The Potential Consequences

Depending on one’s prior legal history there is a chance that someone could end up in a whole lot of trouble over an assault charge. Aside from the legal consequences it is important to consider how something such as this could end up impacting one’s professional life. If the case goes forward it could end up forcing someone to miss work, and this could lead to losing one’s job over an assault charge. Even if the charge does not result in jail time that causes termination, having an assault charge on one’s record can limit their employment prospects. While it is possible to have a criminal record sealed later on, if it is going to ruin someone’s professional life, it might be worth taking the case to trial.

Moving Forward

After a criminal charge of assault has been resolved, it is very important to know how to move forward. An attorney can advise you about what your options will be in terms of possibly having the criminal charge removed from one’s record. With all of the different job opportunities out there it will still be possible to find certain types of employment with a criminal record. Sometimes facing a charge such as this can be good for someone, because it forces them to consider where they want their life to be headed. Later on the same attorney used at trial can also be utilized in an effort to seal records, provided the court allows it.


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