Danny Garcia vs Mauricio Herrera: Garcia successfully defended his two titles


The 25-year-old boxer landed slightly less punches than Herrera (33 years of age) but he managed to finish with a wide edge in power punches and thus to successfully defend his two 140-pound titles

The fight was not easy for either of the two. The champion had his nose bloodied by Mauricio Herrera in the ninth round and in the first rounds his eye was swollen. Garcia’s secret that landed him this victory was as he declared: “I just needed to keep my composure and throw power shots,”

The fight was so close that not even in the later rounds both boxers felt that they are ahead with only few points. Herrera admitted this after the game: “I felt I won the fight. I thought it was close, but I thought I won,” Truth be told Garcia also felt it was a tough battle and although he managed to show his guile and toughness on the ring he still had to make adjustments to win against crafty veteran Mauricio Herrera.


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