Controversial fish capture record in Virginia


The snakehead is a top level predator fish that is very hard to stop proliferating. Its reproduction is very prolific, a single spawning age female produces up to 15,000 eggs at once and can do this five times a year. It’s a highly adaptable fish. The snakeheads can even survive on land for up to four days. It can wriggle its way to other bodies of water.

The fish subject of this record is, in other words, controversial from some angles. Snakeheads have an impressive aspect. Native to China, Russia, North and South Korea, this fish is treated as a good food fish in some areas of the world. In the Chinese popular culture, this fish is respected because the parent fishes are known to sacrifice to protect their young. However, it is considered a highly invasive species in the US. The preferred habitats are stagnant water. Many times American officials took action in an attempt to destroy the species because its proliferation can disrupt the ecosystem. That is why, in 2008, when an infestation of the shakehead was confirmed in Ridgebury Lake and Catlin Creek near Ridgeburry, New York, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation disposed to temporarily poison the water to kill the fish. A similar action was developed when this fish was found in Crafton. In a similar situation, in British Columbia, the province is considering to impose a ban against importing this fish.

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