Professional marathon runner Meskerem Legesse died



Meskerem Legesse, 26-year-old, was pregnant and had been three weeks away from her due date. She collapsed for the first time at a Chinese restaurant, but doctors were unable to save her. Luckily they managed to save the child’s life.

According to a report, the reason that led to the athlete’s death is a heart attack, although an autopsy was not yet performed. A friend said that the athlete has dealt with heart problems which eventually pushed Meskerem to retire from the sport.

A source revealed that the athlete was paying attention to health. She always made sure that her son eats healthy and she was a real role model as she also ate very healthy.

Meskerem expected to give birth to the second child after which she planned to travel back to Ethiopia. Unfortunately she didn’t get to visit her native country for more than nine years.

At the moment the procedures for the repatriation have began.

Meskerem Legesse participated in Athens Olympics in 2004, finishing the race in the 12th place with a time of 4:18:03.


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